Wire Harness Assembly
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Wire Harness Assembly

A wiring harness is basically just a group of wires that are bundled together. A harness can be as small as a few wires inside a small appliance or portable electronic device or as large as a aircraft control systems harness. The great advantage of a wire harness is they can be consistantly mass manufactured on wire harness board or fixture to be installed at a later time rather than laid out one wire or cable at a time within the assembly. This greatly improves manufacturing quality processes as well as manufacturing efficiency.
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●Main Applications:

The wiring harness is mainly used in automobiles, home appliances, electrical switches, instruments, electronic products line connection and signal transmission

● Product Advantages:

The cable UL certificate is available, and designated brand can be selected for connectors.

Wire and Cable Harness Efficiency and Quality advantages:

Wires can be cut, stripped and terminated by automated machinery

Cables can be cut and stripped by automated machinery

Cables can be mass terminated when possible

Harness can be tested in place on the harness board

Harness can easily be bound with ties, lacing or sleeves very quickly using automated machinery while in place on the harness board

Our Advantages

Our company locates in the Zhejiang, Wenzhou, the transportation is very convenient, we can match up your order quantity, save the cost.

Strict QC service assure the order quality. Most of our products have the certificate approvals and can meet the basic needs of ordinary users both at home and abroad.

Responsible after-sales provide continuous order.

High quality and best price promise profitable products and long relationship.

Supply packing according to your requirements.

Customized designs are acceptable.

Timely delivery.

Full range of copper wires and wire assembly including stranded copper wire, braided copper wire, PVC coated copper wire, silicone copper wire, teflon copper wire, welded strands, welding assembly and wiring harness.

We can customize your order, just let us know what you need.




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