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Dongjue makes sure that the wires you order are the wires you get. We go to extraordinary lengths to deliver your products in the quality you expect. Every product goes through inspection process to ensure quality & conformity to industry standards.

Glow Wire Tester ZRS - 2

The tester is applicable in various fields and we use it to test the flame retardance of wire insulations.

Drawing Die Measuring Device DM-100

Adopting the gournd-breaking optical imaging technology, data transmission and processing system,it is the world's fastest inner hole measurement instrument. We use it to confirm the accuracy of the wire die hole diameter.

Positive Image Measuring Projector CPJ3015Z

It is a set of precision efficient measuring instrument which integrates optical, mechanical and electrical. It measures the wire insulation thickness and single wire diameter simply,intuitively and high efficiently.

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer EDX600

Using the American original electric refrigerating high-performance Si-PIN detector, high resolution, wide detection range, it can detectthe RoHS, halogen, plating, alloy (including precious metals) and basic requirements of various kinds of conventional material analysis.

SZM Series Industry Stereo Microscope

The standard magnification is 7 x ~ 45 x; Equipped with auxiliary lens, the magnification can be 3.5 X to 180 X.It's excellent optical performance helps to inspect the inner hole of the wire die simply.




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