Bare Round Sintering Welded Flexible Copper Braid Wire
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Bare Round Sintering Welded Flexible Copper Braid Wire

Braided wire is multiple strands of flexible wire that is wound on a spool in circular patterns around a core. The weaving process brings the various wires together and shapes them into flexible, strong, round braids. The size of the braided copper wire is determined by the number of carriers on the braiding machine, which can vary from 16 to 48.
  • welding flexible copper braid wire


● Product Advantages:

1.The flexible copper braided wire is produced using precise braiding equipment. It undergoes various processes to achieve flexibility and can be shaped into round, square, flat, or hollow forms without any loose strands.

2.The flexible copper braided wire is treated with advanced annealing process, ensuring excellent resistance to oxidation.

3.We offer customized production options for customers who require wires with different weaving processes, structures, specifications, and other non-standard products.

4.We provide sintering and cutting processes with high dimensional precision. Our core surface treatment technology enhances oxidation resistance.


Constructed using premium-grade copper, our flexible braided wire ensures optimal conductivity and reliability. Its braided design offers enhanced flexibility, allowing for easy installation and maneuverability within intricate circuits. This wire is meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of everyday use, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and durability.

With its versatile nature, our flexible braided copper wire effortlessly connects the circuitry in a diverse array of electric devices. Whether you're working on intricate electronics, appliances, automotive applications, or industrial machinery, this wire provides a secure and efficient connection, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance.

Our copper braid is a versatile and reliable solution for electrical switch circuit connections, new energy vehicle circuit connections, photovoltaic inverter circuit connections, wind power circuit connections, and carbon brush applications. With its exceptional conductivity, durability, and flexibility, our product guarantees superior performance and longevity. Choose our copper braid for your electrical connection needs and experience the difference in quality and reliability.

We can customize your order, just let us know what you need.




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