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Your Reliable Source for Wires and Wire Solutions

DONGJUE supplies stranded copper wire, braided copper wire, insulated copper wire, welding strands, and wire harness. Our excellent customer service and value-added services are what sets us apart. We provide additional services to accommodate special requirements or specifications, including wire welding, cut pieces, and wire assemble.

Pre-sales Service

DONGJUE has engineers with expertise in the wire and electrical fields. We have the knowledge necessary to answer any technical questions related to the products you need.

Raw Material And Incoming Quality Control

All mateirals will be tested and insptected to control the quality of materials and parts for manufacturing the wire before production begins.


We are equiped with all the drawing machines which are needed for the micro drawing, small drawing and middle drawing.


Wires are bunched by the high speed skeining machines after drawing.

Braiding or Stranding

Wires are braided or stranded according to customer's requirement by the high speed braiding or stranding machine. Then we can get bare cooper braid or bare stranded copper wire.


Wires will be annealed to make them more flexible and with better performance in specified setting parameter.


The bare cooper wires can be coated by silicone or PVC by the coating machine. Customer can choose silicone wire or PVC copper wire with all colors as custom requirements.

Cutting and Welding

DONGJUE CABLE offers the cutting and also welding services. With advanced automatic machines, we produce high precision welded strands and welded assembly.

Final Quality Control Testing

The last process before finishing a product.We use precise instrument and scientific procedure to ensure all the wires is in good quality.


Wires are packed in bags, cartons and wooden pallet to ensure they will not be damaged during the transport. Customized packing are available.


We can transport the wire to anywhere for you as soon as possible.

After-sale Service

Our technical quality team and sales team will continuous offering the best service and solutions. And customer's suggestions are always welcomed to promote our progress.
We can customize your order, just let us know what you need.




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