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At DONGJUE, we work hard to produce the highest quality copper wire and cable in the industry.

Fine Wire Extender

With double motors, it can reduce the slip wire in wire drawing, and increase the aesthetic degree and the quality.

High Speed Braiding Machine

It is a fully functional equipment with functions of meter counting, wire cutting, intrapartum record, motor overload protection, etc.And it can weave a variety of materials with one machineby changing the ingot rod.

Professional Plastic Coated Integrated Equipment

The successful application of silicone pipeline integration equipment design and the feeding device increases the production stability, and reduces the dependence of workers. The products surface is smooth both inside and outside, has no bubbles, and the size is stable and consistent.

High Speed Skeining Machine

Welded by special steel, with destressing annealing treatment, the machine can avoid the frame deformation and main shaft concentricity error caused by artificial eliminate internal force insufficiency, thus protecting the main shaft and main bearing.

Wire Processing Integrated Equipment

This machine both in appearance and performance adopts foreign advanced technology, module design, structured software design, the Japanese advanced data exchange program, so as to ensure the organic connection of various modules. It integrates the wire feed, cutting, head peeling with crimping operation, the whole process is finished at one time.

Full Automatic Double Twisting Line Wetting Servo Machine

It has the functions of length automatic debugging, reactive stepper motor, automatic inlet and outlet, timing automatic startup, automatic stop with no wire or knot. Hooks being chosen as the cutting tool material, the blade is sharp and durable. When strip high temperature wire, the strip mouth won't have the burrs.




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