Bare Round Welding Flexible Copper Stranded Cable
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Bare Round Welding Flexible Copper Stranded Cable

Technical Requirements:
Material: TU1, Oxygen Free Copper,Copper Content≥99.95%
Single Wire Diameter:0.04mm-0.2mm
Normal Single Wire Diameter:0.05mm(AWG44), 0.07mm(AWG41), 0.10mm(AWG38)
Sectional Area:0.15mm²-100mm²
Surface Coating: Bare Copper, Tin Plating, Nickel Plating, Silver Plating, etc.
Packing:Wooden Reel, Plastic Reel
Stranded Structure:The stranded wire is twisted according to GB/T12970.2-2009 national standard of the People's Republic of China.
Layer Direction: can be customized based on customer requirements.
  • flexible stranded copper wire welding assembly


The number of wires in stranded wire varies. When more wires are used, the wire becomes more flexible with the trade off being the wire becoming less stiff and harder to handle and install. Due to its flexibility, stranded wire can be configured to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. It is ideal for joining electronic circuit components in confined spaces where there is limited space. It has superior strength and resilience and is difficult to break.

One of the key selling points of our product is its remarkable flexibility. By using multiple thinner strands, we have enhanced the wire's movement and bendability, making it ideal for applications where high tolerance and vibration absorption are paramount. Whether you're working on intricate electrical circuits or demanding projects that require precise wire movements, our flexible copper wire will rise to the occasion.



1Q: For Samples?

A: We can provide samples for free, but customer should pay for the freight cost.

2Q: Are you manufacturer?

A: We are manufacturer who specializes in flexible copper wire, copper braid, stranded copper wire, insulation wire, wire harness, weld assembly.

3Q: How about the packing of the flexible copper wire?

A: Packing can be made according to customers request. Normally we pack the copper wire in wooden case, carton box or pallet.

4Q: Why choose Dongjue?

A: Our excellent customer service and value-added services set us apart. We provide additional services to accommodate special requirements or specifications, including welding, cutting.

We can customize your order, just let us know what you need.




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