Bare Flexible Copper Braided Wire Welding Assembly
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Bare Flexible Copper Braided Wire Welding Assembly

Material: TU1, Oxygen Free Copper,Copper Content≥99.95%
Single Wire Diameter:0.04mm-0.2mm
Normal Single Wire Diameter:0.05mm(AWG44), 0.07mm(AWG41), 0.10mm(AWG38)
Sectional Area:0.15mm²-100mm²
Carriers: 8,12,16,24,32,36,48,64,96
Surface Coating: Bare Copper, Tin Plating, Nickel Plating, Silver Plating, etc.
Packing:Wooden Reel, Plastic Reel
  • flexible braided copper wire welding assembly


● Product Advantages:

1. Flexible copper braided wire is made of precision braided equipment. The braided wire adopts a variety of processes which can make it flexible, round, square, flat or hollow, and have no loose strand phenomenon.

2. Flexible copper braided wire adopts advanced annealing process, which has an outstanding oxidation resistance.

3. We can provide customized production for customers to customize wires of different weaving process, structures, specifications and other non-standard products.

4. Provide sintering and cutting processing with high dimensional precision and the core surface treatment technology improves the oxidation resistance of products.


Our Advantages

Custom-made Flexible Copper Wire

Full Range of Copper Wire Size

Innovative Solutions to Customer Challenges

One-stop Service for Copper Wire Manufacturing and Wire Processing

25,000+ ㎡ Plant Area

Excellent Production Equipment and Skilled Employees

Strictly Controlled Workshops and Professional Teams

Independent Lab with Advanced Testing Equipment

Our company possesses advanced equipment for production and testing. We also have a team of over 10 automation experts who assist in the research, development, transformation, and upgrading of internal equipment.

Prioritizing Quality

Our company adheres to the philosophy of putting customers first and prioritizing quality. We have obtained ISO9000 and IATF16949 certifications, continuously improving the quality of our products. Our core processes incorporate visual and CCD automatic production testing.

DONGJUE employs engineers who specialize in the wire and electrical fields. We have the necessary knowledge to address any technical inquiries you may have regarding our flexible copper wires and connectors.

We can customize your order, just let us know what you need.




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