Laminated Flexible Copper Busbar for Power Plant
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Laminated Flexible Copper Busbar for Power Plant

With our in-house tool and die department, we have the ability to shape and punch various types of shunts, such as straight (type F), 180-degree (type C), and J-shaped (type J). We can customize parameters like thickness, lamination thickness, width, length, hole size, hole pattern, and desired end type.
  • laminated copper busbar


Copper laminated Connectors consist of several stacked strips with riveted or welded contact areas. They have a constant cross-section over the whole length. Bus bars and laminated connectors with the same cross-section can be loaded with the same current. A part of laminated connectors are utilized as flexible expansion connectors in order to connect bus bars of switch gears, transformers, generators, etc. Thanks to their elasticity, thermal expansion of bus bars is being compensated.Most of the parts are being used as expansion connectors to prevent damages by vibration caused by switch gear operations. Another part is utilized as flexible components inside parts of machines (Like welding machines or switch gears). These kinds of connectors have to realize movement inside machines and switch gears.

laminated copper busbar

Our Advantages

Dongjue’s total accumulated equipment assets are about 60 million yuan, and 5 million yuan as invested in equipment technical upgrading every year from 2019 to 2022; including

150 sets of precision wire drawing machine;

50 sets of automatic wire bunching machine;

35 sets of automatic stranding braiding equipment (the most complete in the industry);

4 lines of silicone extrusion automatic production line;

2 lines of PVC extrusion automatic production;

80 sets of sintering cutting welding platform (self-developed);

50 sets resistance welding equipment.

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